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5 Essential Household Management Skills You Should Have

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Household management skills are those you need abilities you need to put your home in order; to make your life and those of your family members better. Home management is an essential factor in every household. The ability to effectively manage a home contributes to the general well-being and smooth functioning of the family unit. 

Knowing how to manage a home properly is a testament to your competence, leadership, and responsibility. It has to do with planning, controlling, and evaluating how family members put resources to optimal use. Household management also involves the formulation of a plan of action where members of family share responsibilities, and control their household resources use.

As a result of a continually changing environment, the need to embark on several home management activities becomes paramount to every member of the family’s various needs. Functional home management is pertinent to maintaining the home and the overall well-being of the entire household.

The concept of household management has evolved over the years. Before the digital age, the management of households was simple as it was more about the physical aspect of the home than any other thing. However, in our modern technological age, effectively managing a home has become a somewhat complex phenomenon. This complexity has to do with the high flexibility of situations and choices.

Values change, resources are scarce while human needs become increasingly unlimited, thus creating a need for a practical, holistic approach to allocating resources to ensure order in the home.

While several tools, methods, and tips keep getting invented to aid in running a household, there’s a need to be equipped with the appropriate skills required to manage a home properly. Running a house goes beyond merely cooking and doing the laundry. It’s more than making sure the home is neat and tidy (although it’s part of the home management skills). Financial and time management skills are critical requirements in today’s home management sector.

Examined below are seven of the essential skills you need to run a home efficiently.

Time Management

Functional household management involves planning and executing tasks within a set period. Managing time denotes discipline and determination, and it helps to get things done quickly and adequately. Time management skills are necessary for every member of a household, especially children. Keeping to time helps you accomplish what you want and swiftly. It will also allow you to handle and complete tasks, as and when due.

Quality Purchasing Skill

As a home manager, there will be times when you need to purchase items and food appliances for your household. Knowing the exact things to buy at every turn isn’t what makes you a good manager. However, being known for high-quality purchases goes a long way in showing how much of a great manager you are.

To effectively run a household, acquiring a quality purchasing skill will always come handy. It would help if you learned to carry out comparative research on items before buying them. For instance, if you want to purchase a water softener, comparing fleck vs. GE water softeners will help you make an informed decision of the best brand to buy. Doing this for all products will ensure that you have only high-quality brands in your household.

Financial Management

Perhaps the most critical aspect of managing a household, financial management skills is a must. Many activities in the home have financial implications.  Preventing wasteful spending and maximizing the use of available funds requires all household expenses to revolve around a budget. The development of a plan is necessary for handling bills, and adequate documentation methods must be adopted. A good household manager is also an excellent financial manager.

Cooking Skill

The ability to cook properly is a necessary skill to acquire for effective home management to be achieved. Learning a cooking skill is an essential survival necessity. While the habit of cooking meals at home is fast getting eroded, it’s a skill you should develop nonetheless due to its cost-cutting advantage. It will save you lots of money, as against eating out. Planning, cooking, and eating meals together helps strengthen the family bond among members of your household.

Laundry Skill

Laundry skill is highly essential in the quest for functional home management. You wouldn’t want your apartment or home to be in a state of disarray due to unsorted laundry. As a home manager, you must be conversant with the washing machine and drier and also be able to sort and fold linens in their designated places. Doing this will give your home an air of aesthetics and beauty.


Acquiring home management skills is vital as they will help you build a home you want and cherish. However, the concept of home management is vast and can be quite stressful to pull off, but creating a plan that works for you and your household will help attain your vision of an ideal home.

5 Practical Skills to Learn during the Covid-19 Lockdown?

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Just one case of a positive Covid- 19 test prompts a country to declare a state of emergency. The disease spreads at an alarming rate. Moreover, the fact that simple contact spikes infection makes it an international pandemic.

The moment you have physical contact of an infected person, there is an 80 percent chance that you will also be a confirmed statistic – of course, after the 14 days incubation period.  

Some of the facts about this national pandemic according to CDC include

  • The disease has no choice on race or ethnicity
  • It takes 14 days to become seriously ill after exposure
  • Use a surgical mask to minimize contact with infected patients
  • Seek medical attention once you have similar symptoms 
  • A lockdown is among the best option to prevent its spread

What happens when you are faced with a Covid-19 Lockdown?

A lockdown is a declaration by the government against any movement. In short, you should stay at home and only move out when going to seek essential services, or you are a service provider is a crucial career like health care.

What do you do at this time? Let’s look at some of the practical skills that you can engage in to keep you busy during this time.

  1. Freelance writing

Many citizens offer to use their language skills as a source of income. It has gone a notch higher to the extent that academic students outsource work from available freelance writers. When you need information, what is your first thought for help? Search engines- Google, in most cases.

 Have you ever thought of who takes time to write all this information? Netpreneurs outsource freelance writing experts to supply them with content. It is now an excellent time to take time and learn- if you are a fast learner- you will have a skill to earn you an extra coin.

  1. Cooking

You have postponed trying out new recipes just because of time. You now have all the time to practice and perfect your cooking skills. What are some of the appliances that accumulate dust in your kitchen?

Is it a toaster or a smoker or a meat mincer or a wooden oven or a rice cooker or a coffee maker? It is a time when every family member is at home- a good bonding time- so it’s easy to give a taste of a different menu. Include the kids in this activity.

You can show them what you are doing and give them a chance to tidy up the kitchen, especially the easy-to-clean smoker.

  1. Tailoring and dressmaking

You are looking for what to do with your time. Why not order for a sewing machine and use multimedia channels to learn the dos and don’ts in dressmaking? It is a skill that needs passion, but still, there is no harm in trying out something new.

You never know one of the children might pick the skill and perfect it. Is that not an upcoming international designer? It is time to resurrect some of the hobbies you have shelved for years due to the time limit.

The best way to do this is to subscribe to YouTube channels to have an idea of what you need.

That aside, you can now educate people on your hobby through the video channels. Everyone is home, and you are sure of an online audience.

  1. Homeschooling

The first measure the country takes is to close all the schools. It is abrupt, meaning learning has stopped. Take advantage of this and teach your children some school subjects of choice. Extend your skills to offer online courses.

 Do you know how difficult is it to teach your children? The best way to make sure they are still at par with the curriculum is to subscribe to such online platforms to engage them with schoolwork. It is better than watching television or playing games throughout the day.

  1. Fitness skills

Who said physical exercises have to be an outdoor activity? The possibility of adding weight during this time is very high. It is merely because of sedentary life that comes with the lockdown.

 If you have never tried any form of exercise, then this is the time. Use digital tools that have tailored fitness goals that give you a step-by-step guide on the best practice for a beginner.

The list is endless; just look at the gaps in your life and turn it to a skill.

 For example, hand washing is the most recommended therapy to prevent the disease. Can’t you make homemade hand wash and save the money?

At the end of the lockdown, you must have learned and perfected a specific skill. Is it not a blessing in disguise? Look at the lockdown from a positive angle.

It should not just be a punishment but rather a family bonding time or a time to learn or perfect a practical skill.