Working From Coffee Shops: The Do’s and Don’ts


Coffee shops are one of the favorite working places of people of almost all walks of life, college students, business managers, writers and etc. However, as much as people really know, proper etiquette in coffee shops is more than just buying a cup of coffee as you can see in some commercial. Some people still don’t know how to act properly inside a coffee shop, being inconsiderate to the other people also using the facility and services in the store. The next time you decide to work from a nearby coffee shop, you should remember these dos and don’ts.

Don’t Obtain a Table or Place Bigger Than You Actually Need

This unsaid rule is one of the many obvious ones coffee shop goers should know, but still fail to follow. I bet you’ve probably seen a person or two accumulating a 4-seat table, and even bigger, spreading their belongings and paper works throughout the space. We completely get it, it’s a first come, first served basis. But if you don’t want people glaring at you for the whole time, especially if you’re planning to work for hours, then you should get a smaller table. And also, keep in mind to take out the things that you actually need, and don’t just spread it out the table. We know you’re just trying to concentrate with your work, but if you badly want to do so, we suggest you should just go find a more private place rather than a packed coffee shop.

Do Keep Your Voice Down

Yes, a coffee shop is a public place, and our parents have taught us better than to be inconsiderate to the people surrounding us. If you’re on a call, keep your voice minimal. You don’t want others eavesdropping to your conversations, either. If you’re working with friends or colleagues, you should talk to each other calmly, keeping your voices down. Avoid boisterous laughter, or loud arguing. Remember, there are also other people trying to concentrate with their work.

Don’t Leave a Messy Place before Leaving

Sure, they have a waiters/waitresses, but coffee shops will thank you if you clean up your mess, especially after working in their place during the whole afternoon. Most coffee shops have trash cans you can throw your papers too. Make it a habit to make the table as clean as you just left it. It’s literally a small gesture, and a great way to stretch your body after sitting down for a long period of time.

Do Be Generous in Tipping

You’re a renter, using the place for a whole day of work. What better way to pay them, aside from buying from their coffee menu is to tip them well? If they’re keeping you comfortable, constantly refilling your empty cup with their hot, delicious coffee, then it’s just right to tip them generously.

Do Guard Your Belongings at All Times

It may be compelling to leave your belongings in the comfy vibe of a coffee shop, but it’s still a public place where anyone can steal your things. Don’t leave your things (especially your laptop) while you take a leak. Also, put your things where you can see them while you work. But if you rather have coffee at your own home then you can simply buy a great coffee machine like saeco espreso machines, here’s a guide that you can trust

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